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Valve Develops New Handheld Device For PC Steam Games

Valve’s been brewing up something interesting these past few months, and it has finally come to light! “Steam Deck” is the latest creation from Valve, and it is pretty much a Nintendo Switch that plays Steam titles. Not a complete copy, but the inspiration either comes from the Nintendo Switch or the PSP. That being said, it doesn’t seem that bad looking through the showcase glass in the world of Valve. Most, if not all games, on Steam can be played through a controller, so the concept is viable off that compatibility alone. Other than that, it doesn’t catch much attention for its appearance.

You have 3 storage options when purchasing the Steam Deck: 64 GBs, 256 GBs, and 512 GBs. The 64 GB is troll as f*** considering that great titles require more than 64 GBs most of the time. But I won’t babble on about their storage size choices. You can buy a “Steam Deck” for as low as $399 USD.

What do you think?

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