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Ubisoft Reveals New First-Person Shooter Multiplayer Game ‘XDefiant’

Ubisoft revealed their latest project yesterday, and it doesn’t look half-bad. “XDefiant” is their upcoming First-Person Shooter, combining familiar styles and faces from all around the Ubisoft universe! For instance, the Cleaners from the Division are a faction choice. While watching the reveal trailer for this game, they said and showed something I really gravitate towards in a shooter, Gun Play. You’d think this would be the obvious focus and draw point for most games, but games often fail at doing so. I won’t point out references because I don’t want to make it seem as if I hate the games said in them. Anyway, check out the trailer for XDefiant:

From first impressions, the style is foreign coming from Ubisoft in terms of shooters. I see more of a Borderlands style  in ways of colors, gear, craziness, and even gun choices! Another cool thing I like about it is that it’s Free-To-Play, giving everyone the opportunity to play the game no matter your financial status. The guns also look nice to shoot, so that seems to be a promising quality of XDefiant if nothing happens in the future to make me rethink that idea over. This is all I see from the game so far, but when more details come out, I will be sure to update you on my thoughts on them.

What do you think?

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