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The racing scene expands with new DLC in GTA Online- Los Santos Tuners

The racing scene expands with new DLC in GTA Online- Los Santos Tuners

By Wayne Royale 

Los Santos Tuners, GTA Online’s petrolhead patch, arrived on the PlayStation 4 on Tuesday, July 22nd, as promised, coming in at 3.6GB. You don’t need to buy anything or manually download anything; all you have to do is make sure your game is up to date – this should happen automatically if your console is set up correctly. You can also select ‘Check for Updates’ by using the Options button while hovering over the title’s thumbnail. If it hasn’t already, it will begin downloading.

As previously mentioned, this update includes a new social venue called LS Car Meet, as well as a slew of new vehicles. Mod Shops are a new type of business that you can purchase. These allow you to start mini-heist contract jobs that pay roughly GTA$175,000 when finished, so they’re not a bad way to get money. The new autos, on the other hand, cost roughly GTA$1,000,000 each.

There’s now a new Street Race Series to compete in, as well as a number of quality-of-life enhancements including the ability to customize the radio wheel in the Interaction Menu to eliminate stations you don’t like. Keep a look out for four USB sticks scattered throughout Los Santos; these bring fresh music mixes to the game.

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Written by Mr Royale


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