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The Batman is Getting His Own In-Verse Superman

What is DC‘s strategy for a cinematic world for Robert Pattinson’s Batman? Will it be a one-time event, as with the Joker, or should we expect to see him in the cape for years to come? DC is working on a number of initiatives that will create various realms for their heroes. On Earth-Two, The Batman will take place. This signifies a new beginning for their characters, with room for new characters to appear. Is DC planning to expand this movie universe to include other heroes?

Sources in the industry are saying DC/Warner Brothers want Superman to appear in Robert Pattinson’s universe. Given how frequently we’ve seen Batman and Superman square off, this isn’t surprising news. However, when viewed in the context of DC’s recent moves, it is more startling and intriguing than it would otherwise be. This shows that they’re already planning to expand Pattinson’s universe, which may come as a surprise to some.

DC has given us a whole slew of standalone projects, such as Joker, that take place in their own universe. Many people may have believed that The Batman intends to be its own thing, especially since the box office data for the film have yet to be released. However, it’s understandable that, as they prepare to leave Zack Snyder’s DC universe behind, they’re trying to expand Robert Pattinson’s.

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