HIGH NOON: Meliodas (Seven Deadly Sins) VS. Asta (Black Clover)

Welcome to the 2nd ever HIGH NOON battle exclusively on Break The Meta! Judging by the name of this section and the “VS.” in the title, I’m sure you know exactly what High Noon is all about. If you don’t, It’s a battle between 2 or more characters to see who would come out on top! All that being said, let’s dive right into this fight!

In this battle, we have a sinister meeting between two Demons, Meliodas (from The Seven Deadly Sins) and Asta (From Black Clover)! Both characters being known for their Demonic forms and incredible feats as well. There’s a high chance you know who these two are. But, if you don’t, I will give you a brief description of both characters right now!

WARNING: The rest of this poll contains spoilers so that we can fully assess who would win the battle. You have been warned.

Meliodas (Assault Mode)

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Meliodas is one of the infamous Seven Deadly Sins, given his nickname is the “Dragon Sin of Wrath.” The Meliodas form that we will be using for this fight is his Assualt Mode. The reason why I won’t use Demon King is because that isn’t him controlling his body. In this state, his Demonic Power (that was not present for some time in the anime) is unleashed, rendering him a serious threat. Even his powerful old comrades, The Ten Commandments, who are one step under the Demon King fear him in this state. He is also 3000 years old, and immortal too.

Moving past that, let’s take a look at all of his pow-… Okay f*** this, he literally has a college essay for a powers list. Do you want to see it for yourself? As you saw, he’s really OP. Here’s the kicker though, is his darkness full power considered magic? From what I just researched, it is magic, which will tie into what I will say later.


Black Clover Fan Theory: Is Licita Really Asta's Mother?

In a world full of Magic, it’s expected of everyone to have the ability to use Magic. Asta is a rare case where he doesn’t have mana to use Magic, but it’s the perfect scenario to wield Anti-Magic. They use grimoires as weapons that summons powerful magic, and Asta uses him grim as a weapon holster for his Demon-Slayer Greatsword. In a nutshell, he was gifted the Grimoire of Liebe, The Devil of Anti-Magic. Whatever spell he touches with his sword, will immediately disperse or be canceled out. Throughout the series, he learns how to wield his Demon-Slayer Greatsword, even mastering it. He also fights with Liebe for control over his body, which allows him to use a part of Liebe while being fully conscious.

Moving past that, he has a few abilities that he does with his blade, but nothing a very fast person can’t dodge. While in his partial demon form, his physical abilities are enhanced greatly, he begins to be cover in anti-magic armor, and his durability seems extremely high! Take this fight, for example, this is the first time working with Liebe while defeating Ladros: 


The Area

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Our votes:

Johnny Django’s Vote:

Here’s the thing, Asta could potentially nullify a lot of Meliodas’ power, but he can’t nullify the skill that he has collected from over 3000 years of combat experience. That alone could beat Asta no matter how much demon he has. He also extremely fast for someone without those enhancements, I’d atleast say he’s 3x faster than Asta. Although he won’t be able to use full-counter on Asta, he still beat him in base form if he does lose him power from the Anti-Magic sword. So, my bet is on Meliodas.

  • Who would win this fight?

    • Meliodas
    • Asta

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