League of Legends Toxicity Levels Are Ridiculous At This Point

To a person on the outside looking in, you’d think I was a nutjob for saying “League of Legends toxicity levels are terrible now,” even though statistically they’ve always been bad. I understand why you would think that, but I wouldn’t expect you to know where I’m coming from on this issue. Yes, it has always been bad, but not to this extent, where trolls and toxic people have unstoppable power in League of Legends.

DISCLAIMER: This isn’t a hate rant about League of Legends. League is a wonderful game. I’m simply addressing an issue that has been rapidly evolving for the past 2-3 years now.

Here’s some background on me: I’ve been playing this game since Season 5, and even made it to Diamond 4 in Season 10. I’ve been playing ranked for 3 and a half years now, but never in my time playing it have I seen the community as a whole on such a low fuse before. I’m not talking about one case of someone locking in Nunu Ghost/Heal mid and flaming my teammates without being provoked every 12 games or so. It happens so often that I’ve lost the motivation to keep playing. These kinds of players, whether toxic or trolling, appear in almost every match I have now. It’s not just that they talk shit randomly to players, it’s now to the point where they troll or give up if ONE THING goes wrong.

Riot Games is not doing much to address this either; they are giving these types of players barely any punishment like a parent who is afraid to discipline their child. A toxic player will literally AFK type to his teammates for half the game, then run it down or troll, and not receive any sort of consequence. Hell, you don’t even get severe punishment if you leave the match. “-3LP Penalty for the next 2 matches,” is laughable. It’s not enough that they troll or be toxic one or two matches, these players do it for fun!

I’m not the first person to bring up this issue as of recently. Many players, including popular players and even pros, have said this behavior is out of control. I have listed examples from 3 players out of thousands saying the same thing I am saying in this post:

I’m not saying I haven’t been toxic myself at times, but there is a difference between the players who got tilted from previous matches and players who are perma-tilted. These perma-tilted players could be winning the match but start flaming and throwing the moment something goes even a tiny bit wrong. I thought I could escape from this in Normals, but they are there too! They flooded the limited-time modes, they are in bots, and I wouldn’t put it past them to flame a bot in Practice Tool either.

Even though this has become an extreme issue, Riot Games will just stand by as usual and put out skins or events as compensation. They release these little “behavioral updates” trying to make the community think they will or have changed something, but it’s more of a hand slap than anything. Being the leading game of 2021, you’d think they be a role model and make a change to toxicity, but they won’t because at the end of the day, it’s just business

What do you think?

Written by Django


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