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From Catching Vapors to Making Paper on Yo Gabba Gabba we’ve lost another legend.

RIP Biz Markie


You may have only known Biz Markie from his beatboxing tutorial days in Yo Gabba Gabba. But did you know he was a legendary rapper? To me, Biz was one of the founding fathers of Hip Hop. His playful signature style and distinctive sound on tracks like “The Vapors,” “Pickin Boogers,” and “Nobody Beats the Biz” helped redefine the sound of N.Y. Hip Hop. His style was, without a doubt, comedic and has been a source of admiration of inspiration by many other rappers, including the Big Daddy Kane, Timbaland, and many more. He was also a fantastic beatboxer and D.J.

Biz didn’t gain true fame until the 1989 release of his platinum hit “Just a Friend.” However, he was always regarded as one of the best to have ever done it. So it warmed my heart to see him later on a kids’ television show still teaching young kids about the culture. Biz Markie was a very beloved figure, legend, and all-around great guy. Have a peaceful journey. We already miss you, Biz.

Remember, don’t wait until legends pass; give them their flowers while they are still here!

R.I.P Biz Markie

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Written by Dj Shiver Noir


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