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Creator Todd McFarlane expands on the Spawn Lore with the Spawn Universe

Todd McFarlane will begin releasing the first installment of his latest “world-building” universe in June. The highly awaited Spawn’s Universe #1 is expected to visually grow with the release of some of the spectacular artwork by celebrity artists Jim Cheung and colorist FCO, which has been nearly 30 years in the making. McFarlane will pen the first issue, which will serve as the launchpad for a larger multi-character, interconnected comic book universe based on his best-selling monthly Spawn comic.

Variant covers will be available for Spawn’s Universe #1. Most notably, it will feature the extraordinary artwork of J. Scott Campbell who will create a series of four covers, each featuring one of the main characters that will have the most influence in all of McFarlane’s 2021 comic titles. More alternate covers will be produced by McFarlane and a party cover by artist Brett Booth with inks by McFarlane. Later, more covers and bonuses will be shown. However, these first six covers will serve as a springboard for over a dozen high-profile artists to contribute their interpretations of Spawn and other fan favorites, paving the way for three new monthly spin-offs: King Spawn, Gunslinger Spawn, and The Scorched, all releasing nationwide in 2021.

Four separate stories (Spawn, She-Spawn, Medieval Spawn, and Gunslinger Spawn) will be included in Spawn’s Universe #1, featuring various Spawn characters from the past and present, as well as the introduction of new villains. Each of the chapters will be worked on by renowned artists:

Chapter with Spawn by JIM CHEUNG

STEPHEN SEGOVIA – chapter with Medieval Spawn, BRETT BOOTH – chapter with Gunslinger Spawn, BRETT BOOTH – chapter with Gunslinger Spawn

Chapter with She-Spawn by MARCIO TAKARA

Over the next year and beyond, McFarlane wants to develop new thrilling superheroes and big villains.

“I’ve waited almost 30 years to be able to get to this point,” Todd McFarlane said. To deliver on ideas, I’m hoping that Spawn’s Universe #1 will expand into a fully developed world filled with hundreds of characters in the not-too-distant future. With this novel, the stage will be set for me to return to new monthly titles for the first time since 1992. I can’t wait to show comic readers all of my wild ideas, as well as open the floodgates to so many talented artists who have expressed interest in joining me on this adventure.”

Collectors and fans have been waiting more than 28 years for a new Spawn #1 title, and in 2021, four new Spawn-related #1 titles will be available at comic shops around the country. The first issue of the Spawn comic was published in 1992, and it sold an incredible 1.7 million copies, a record that has yet to be broken for a creator-owned comic. With over 100 million copies sold in over 120 countries, the original Spawn book is one of the most successful and longest-running comics in the world.

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